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What is BalancedTrust?

What our tool does ... 

Regulatory Third Party Risk & Compliance Management:

Our cutting-edge platform boasts a robust third party risk and compliance TrustScorce, providing insights into the quality of your third party relationship’s risk management. The platform continuously monitors changes in your third-party compliance policies and controls with consumer protection laws and banking regulations. We simplify fintech partnership management, aligning seamlessly with the most recent regulatory guidance. Our platform efficiently oversees compliance validations, guaranteeing ongoing adherence to requirements year after year. We intelligently interpret third-party policy updates, automatically adapting compliance controls and procedures. This proactive approach empowers banks and fintechs to steer clear of penalties and protect their hard-earned reputations.

Risk Assessment and Identification:

BalancedTrust employs advanced risk assessment algorithms and data analytics to identify potential risks across various aspects of financial operations. It assesses third & fouth party risks, among systemic enablers providing you better forsight and enabling proactive risk management and timely decision-making.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts:

The software provides real-time monitoring of critical risk indicators, verify controls with access to customer activities, transactions, and processes. It detects sytemic model risks, unusual patterns and triggers alerts for potentially fraudulent activities, suspicious transactions, or deviations from established risk parameters.

Performance Audits and Compliance Reporting:

The platform automates the process of generating comprehensive audit and compliance reports. Customizable dashboards and visualizations offer insights into key risk indicators, helping compliance officers and executives understand risk exposure at a glance.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our services are especially tailored for Fintech companies and Banking As A Service (BaaS) providers supporting Real Time Payments (RTP) and Instant Payments through both FedNow and The Clearinghouse.

We provide a marketplace of Sponsor Banks, BaaS Providers, Fintechs and Third Party Providers to work together in the mission to build a better model of banking services delivered to businesses and consumers alike.

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