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Our Mission

“to provide a cohesive secure environment allowing FIs and their Fintech clients to better communicate and manage their compliance responsibilities through a series of regulator friendly controls and build better risk & compliance management processes. Our platform provides an environment that helps standardize and automates regulatory processes not only for client onboarding but also testing and monitoring of your client portfolio.”

At BalancedTrust, TRUST is the foundation of our business.

Our Story

Our staff  is a collection of successful regulatory and business experts with over 60 years of collective experience in the Financial Services industry.


We are entrepreneurs, business leaders, and former regulators coming together to help banks and businesses navigate the thin line between regulation and fintech innovation.


We have helped build some of the largest names in fintech and banking and launched some of the most innovative payment programs the industry has seen in the past 20 years.


Let us put this lifetime of experience and knowledge to work for you to streamline and demystifying the complex world of banking and payments.

"Elevate Your Financial Future with Comprehensive Expertise! Our third-party risk management tool embodies years of experience in Risk Management, Banking Regulation, Product Development, Fintech Compliance, Technical Platforms, Payments, and Complex Payment Systems. It's designed to navigate the laws,  seamlessly, capturing the essence of our skills and expertise for your success."

Experience that matters, we've … “been there and done that”!

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